It’s Been One of Those Days

Weekdays I get up at 6:45am and the children are woken at 7:15. Saturdays we can sleep in somewhat, as OT doesn’t start until 10am. Little Man, however, decided to wake up at 6:40 this morning. He’s congested so it looks like another cold is in the works. I make him waffles and go back to bed.

Shortly thereafter he barges in asking for a nose wipe. Usually I’m able to extricate myself from the baby/bed and get up quickly enough so that I can shoo him out before his voice and the light of the iPad wake up the baby or my husband. Today he inexplicably decided to turn on ALL THE LIGHTS to announce his entrance, leading to mass chaos. Baby was woken up early, which throws off her whole nap/feeding schedule and leads to gems like this.

Getting out the door was rough, but that’s nothing new. LM crapped his pants right before we had to leave but at least I figured it out before putting his shoes on and taking everyone out to the car. So that’s a win.

OT went okay. As usual I spent the entire time trying to keep the baby away from the two doors lest she get brained. This consists of me sitting next to one door, block her, turning her around ad nauseam, then switching chairs when she goes for the door on the other side of the room.

Leaving OT sucked. LM is obsessed with going to the bathroom after we leave, but I have yet to figure out exactly what he wants. On the days when I’m carrying the baby in my arms we can’t go because I can’t set her down. Last week we left before using the bathroom and he had a tantrum than continued through lunch. This week we went to the bathroom. He couldn’t explain to me what he wanted. He just took off his shoes and whined incoherently. We washed hands and left, but that led to more requests for the bathroom. Dragging a heavy three year-old with an infant strapped to your chest is no fun. I know my husband needs sleep but I need help with this shit.

Went to lunch. Tried a new place. That went okay, even if they had nothing for the kids besides fries. Whatever. I’ve given up trying to get the older kids to eat real food. The baby slept through lunch but woke up at the very end. Fries temporarily placated her but the real wailing began in the car. She was hungry and cranky. The other kids were quiet as they had ice cream and for once didn’t drip all over themselves.

Got home. Got baby and V out of the car. LM was screwing around inside. I tried to carry too much because the baby was wailing inside and LM was still outside. I was doing my best not to spill the leftover ice cream and knocked over my full soda, though thankfully most spilled outside and not in the car. It’s not even 12:30.


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