LOL Vomit

A year ago we went to a birthday party for one of V’s classmates. The kids enjoyed playing in bouncy castles and eating pizza. After the cake was served and the children had begun consuming their treats the birthday boy vomited. After he’d been cleaned up I expressed my concern to the mom and told her I hope he was feeling alright. She laughed, waved her hand nonchalantly, and said “it happens all the time.”

I barely had time to contemplate how often a kid must puke before his parents begin to shrug it off when my own son started retching. I raced over with a plate and managed to catch most of it. At the time we blamed it on too much sugar and an involuntary reaction to the birthday boy’s own display.

Here we are, a year later, and I’m in almost the same position as that mom. Little Man vomits. Sometimes it’s when he’s sick, but more often than not nothing appears to be wrong. It usually happens within a few hours of going to bed. I hear him crying and I know. It’s a particularly freaked-out cry. He hates the mess. I do my best to quickly strip him, shower him, get him dressed and put him back to “bed.” If he vomited on his sleep mat I can just change it but if anything gets on the carpet I have to convince him to scooch away from the door and the wet spot.

It’s crappy because I don’t know what causes it and therefore can’t prevent it. Vomiting is no fun for anyone.

It also means we may have to cancel everything. School and therapy all have policies regarding sick children- fever/vomiting in particular. While LM’s vomiting is often unrelated to illness, we can’t exactly wait it out before deciding to cancel. Everyone gets paranoid when it comes to vomiting.

My husband thinks it’s related to having too much sugar. This does seem to be a common factor at least some of the time. I’ve figured out that he can have pizza and ice cream at Costco, but not hot dogs and ice cream. The last time he puked was particularly bad. He had two dum dums prior to bedtime. All of dinner came back up that night and he vomited multiple times (it’s usually just once). Maybe it’s a particular combination of things that sets him off.

Hopefully one day he can tell us or I can figure it out.


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