Last Child Syndrome

V’s first year seemed to drag on forever. I was new at being a parent and a stay at home mom. Somehow I managed to be both bored AND super busy at the same time. Life revolved a lot around naps. When V started walking and talking it felt like the fun part had begun, so when I had Little Man I couldn’t wait to get past the baby stage. Just give me a one year-old! His first year seemed to fly by and I was grateful. V required the bulk of my attention. I blinked and Little Man was a year old.

Baby K is different though- she’s my last child (barring unforeseen consequences). I want to cherish her baby phase because it’s going to be my last. But her first year is zipping by! Next week she’s going to be eight months old. My little girl is getting bigger every day. As much as I hate being tied down with milk-drunk infant asleep on my lap, I’m absolutely loving it.


I’m going to miss this.


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