Planning Birthday #3


Kid birthdays can be expensive. Last year I tried to save money by having a party at home and including birthday gifts in part of the fun. We had a Sesame Street themed birthday, and I use the term “themed” loosely. We basically bought plates/cups/napkins for the kids and used regular fair for the adults. I made goodie bags for all of the kids, which was much harder than I expected. We had 10 kids attending (all party gifts come in packs of 8), and I had to find stuff the kids would use that wouldn’t be a choking hazard. This year that part should be easier in that regard.

Our friends seem 50/50 with the having parties at home vs. renting a room somewhere. I checked the prices of several places, and they range from $250-450. That seems like a lot up front, and I wasn’t sure how many kids would actually show, so I decided to go “cheaper” by staying at home again. But after today, I’m sure we’ll end up spending at least $300 on a party at home.

First off, we found out that bouncy houses weren’t all that much. So we rented one for $135. Unfortunately, it’s pretty small because we have large trees restricting how tall it can be. Then there’s $130 for the removal of one annoying tree, which may or may not be included as a party expense. I’ve been wanting to get rid of that tree, but the bouncy house set a timeline for it.

V decided to go with dinosaurs for her party. Excellent choice, and fitting considering her Evite (sent weeks ago) has a dinosaur on it. I googled dinosaur parties and parents can get pretty elaborate with these things. I mean this is kinda overkill considering your child will probably not remember the event. Cool as hell, but jeez. At this age they don’t even really do games or crafts. Parents do them. Some of that stuff seems wasted.

Today I bought all this crap:



Ok the lunch box and water bottle aren’t for the party; I just thought they were cute.

All this set me back another $65. I also ordered these, and these and these from Amazon ($32). Yes, I decided that 72 mini plastic dinosaurs was needed. Why pay $3 for 12 when I can get 72 for $8.50?! Don’t laugh. I almost got 48 foam dinosaur gliders because they were only $9. Only 10 kid RSVPs so far, but I’m sure I could put these to good use.

Right now we’re sitting at around $230 for this party and I haven’t even ordered the cake yet. My husband wants to cook tri tip sandwiches for the adults so food isn’t going to be super cheap either. Hmm, renting a place next year is looking better and better.


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