One Year- Pooh Bear

I wrote this when V turned one. I couldn’t figure out a way to end it so I left it in my draft file and forgot about it. I’ll writing something similar for Little Man and thought now would be a good time to post it. Better late than never, right?

Dear Pooh Bear,

Thank you for giving me the best year of my life. I can’t believe how incredibly lucky I am to have you. I love you so much.

You’re standing up all the time now. Daddy thinks this means you’ll be walking soon, but I can tell it will be a few more months at least.You got a toy car for your birthday that you love to climb in and out of. I’ve caught you stuck halfway out of the car window while trying to climb onto something else. You’re all about trying to climb on things now. If I’m on the couch you insist that I sit on the floor so you can climb over me.

You love to dance. There’s a dinosaur riding toy in the livingroom that alternates between a song and sound effects when you smack his scales. You’ll sit there and skip to the songs, then stand up and shake your hips. Any toy with music is a favorite.

Speaking of favorites, you finally picked a “lovey.” It’s almost a tie. There’s a little Easter bunny you got that you like to drag around. I like Bunny Foofoo because he’s machine washable. You like him because the ears are easy to grab and he’s got a bell inside. Your real favorite is Clifford. I picked him up at Kohl’s on a whim. He was $5 and sitting at a display near the register. He’s got big floppy ears and has rapidly become the toy you drag everywhere. If we ask “Where’s Clifford?” you look around until you find him.

You can’t say anything besides variations of “mamma” and “dadda” but you’re certainly trying. Grandpa got you a video that’s supposed to help you learn to read and it’s teaching you lots of new vocabulary words. You try to say “dog” and “cat.” You shake your head for both “no” and “yes” (you can’t figure out how to nod). You’re starting to learn body parts, and will lift your arms up when we tell you to.

We held your first birthday party in Southern California. It took me forever to pick a location. Originally it was going to be at my mom’s house, but then someone suggested a park and that led to a whole search for parks in Orange County. Eventually we just stuck with my mom’s house though. The concern was having all the divorced relatives (well, one of them) together with others in a confined environment. But hey, they’ll have to learn to deal with such things when it comes to you.

You got a ton of toys. The livingroom is full of toys now, not that it was lacking any before. You already had a riding dinosaur, but you got two scooter cars, a riding pony, and that big car for your birthday. It was a bit much and I wish we’d had a little more variety. At least the big car has been a huge hit and it’ll go well outside once we get the backyard fixed up.

You’re still not eating vegetables, but at least you’re trying more table foods. You want to try anything I’m eating. We’re still breastfeeding too but it’s down to naptime and morning feedings only. I’m not even nursing you to sleep at night anymore. I finally managed to get you to sleep in the crib again. It was really tough, but Daddy and Mommy needed some alone time. I also couldn’t have you staying up at late as me every night.


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