One Year- Little Man

My Little Man,

In just a few days you will be turning one year old. This year has gone by incredibly fast. Kids certainly seem to have that effect on time. I’m sure it helps that I’ve done all this once before.

You can’t talk yet and Daddy, as usual, is concerned. He thought V was talking by now (I checked, she wasn’t). You can kinda say “mama” and “dada.” You say “weee” and something that sounds like “Bree.” As soon as you learned to walk you started getting more vocal with your frustrations, waving your arms around and crying if you couldn’t fit through a space or play with something you had your eye on.

Walking is one area where you have your sister beat. You started walking on July 4th, two weeks before your first birthday. V walked toward the end of 12 months or the start of 13 months. You’re very good about falling down on your butt, not your face, despite your enormous head.


I don’t have your measurements yet (next week), but you’ve consistently been around 14% in weight, 35% for height and 81% for head. Almost twelve months and you can still fit in six month onesies and three-month shorts! Six-month pants are far too long for your legs. You barely have any hair, but I kinda like it that way. You look adorable with your round, bald head. Plus you like smearing food on the back of your head after eating so the less hair right now, the better.


V loves you so much, though she’s not always very nice to you. Now that you’re walking, you’re going after her favorite stuffed animals (and there are a lot), which pisses her off to no end. She frequently pushes you, kicks you, and steals toys from you. But she also hugs you. I have a whole two pages in your first year photo album of V hugging or holding you. She adores you, and hates when any other kids want to play with you.


You’ve been much nicer to Daddy so far. V was very clingy from the start, while you enjoy most people. You’re a little clingier now, but nowhere near as bad as she was. Daddy’s so happy to get some affection from his kids. I hope you keep it up.

You’ve been a great eater so far. You try everything even if you don’t like everything. You do eat vegetables, so you’re one up on V in that regard. I hope you can teach some good habits to your sister, not the other way around.

We got you some new shoes so you can start walking at the park. We tried sandals, but they kept falling off and getting bark under your feet. I’m so happy you can walk. Parks might actually get fun again!


You sleep much better than V, or at least you’re a bit more manageable. I can move you at least. When she fell asleep, I couldn’t move a muscle or even detach my boob without fear of waking her up. I can shove you across the bed, more you to the crib, etc. and at least most of the time it’s ok. I’m actually looking forward to you dropping your morning nap. It gets interrupted so much because of your sister’s activities (sorry!). It would be really nice if you guys were on a similar schedule. You just started sleeping through the night in your crib. I’m sure it will get screwed up though because we’re about to go on vacation again. We’re going to the circus for your birthday.

You don’t have a lovey yet. I’ve tried giving you our spare Clifford, since V doesn’t care about it anymore. You’ve shown some interest, but not much. You do like one toy that Pickles gave you- a monster that sings Monster Mash and dances. It’s not really appropriate for carrying around town though, or snuggling in bed.


V is supposed to start preschool twice a week in September, so hopefully you and I will have a bit more time together by ourselves.

I love you my Little Man. Happy birthday.


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