Too Much Junk Food

V and I have a Mommy & Me class once a week. Today they had their Easter party. Parents were told to bring 12 filled plastic eggs for a hunt, and to sign up for a food item. The sign up sheet was well-done as it categorized food types and limited the number of sweet dishes to two. Normally I make a casserole or pulled pork for potlucks, but this is a kids thing so I signed up to bring berries.


Enough holidays center around treats so I’m trying to keep them to a minimum, especially at this age. These kids are 2-3. It’s hard to find non-candy egg fillers though. I almost went with stickers. Almost. But I found some neat little plastic cars at the Dollar Tree that would fit. We also had some leftover bracelets and a toy frog from V’s birthday party. Perfect! I figured enough of the eggs would have candy.

Regardless of the sign up sheet, we arrived today to see box after box of cookies, cupcakes and sweet muffins. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but it was really disappointing. Some people brought packaged snacks like Honey Graham’s and the toddler equivalent of fruit rolls. One grandma brought string cheese, for which I thanked her. Someone brought watermelon and one brought cheese and crackers. Overall it wasn’t a healthy offering though.


I was curious to see how the eggs panned out. V shook them all vigorously and quickly learned to distinguish between “candy” and “anything else.” Out of 12 eggs she got six candies, four stickers, one toy and one fake tattoo. Three of the candies were something called Sixlets. I’d never seen them before but she LOVED them. Upon opening her last egg to find a pack, she gasped with pleasure at her luck.


I hate having to ration candy and I wish more parents tried to keep the sweets to a minimum. I’m glad some moms opted for stickers instead of candy, but a ton of people still brought sweets for the party so it made little difference. I got thanked by several people for bringing something healthy but I don’t understand why those same moms didn’t bring healthy stuff themselves. I’m hearing that more and more schools are banning sweets or outside food (aside from bagged lunches) to help combat the problem.


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