Easter Baskets for Toddlers and Babies

easterThis is the first year V will have the potential to really comprehend or remember the Easter festivities, so I really wanted to make her a good basket this year. I don’t even remember if we did one last year. I know she got stuff from the grandparents, because grandparents are always willing to spoil their grandchildren. Anyway, there are lots of premade baskets out there but I prefer to customize, both so that I can target the kids individually and because they don’t really make good baskets for this age group. V is 2.5 years old and hasn’t been in the “choking hazard” range for a long time now, but I would imagine anything in the “under 3” range would not contain small items for fear of getting sued. I decided to head over to Target to build their baskets earlier this month before they became picked over.

There was a good selection of cheap baskets and expensive ones. I tried to pick something about the size I felt would hold all their stuff (medium for V and small for the baby) and not too expensive. I think I spent $3.50 on the baskets themselves. Not too shabby. I wanted each basket to contain a stuffed animal. Right away I found a mommy and baby bunny set that I knew V would love. She’s got two mommy and baby animal sets already at home and she really digs them. Little Man was more difficult. There just didn’t seem to be anything I liked that was within a price range I liked. Eventually I settled on a little frog. Lord knows we have enough damn stuffed bunnies in the house already.

Animals done, I moved on to treats. This was more difficult since everything was being sold in bags. I wanted to get V something but not much. She’s TWO and doesn’t need a ton of freaking candy. I found a chocolate bunny that promised to break off pieces easily. That would allow me to ration it. I also got some yogurt covered raisins because I’m wild like that. I also got her some animal crackers and mini Chips Ahoy! The baby obviously got no treats.

I scoured the dollar section for other non-edible, suitable fair. I found some bath boats and a bath book for the baby. I got V some play dough tools, some stickers and a coloring book. They didn’t have a lot of stuff there for her age range (at least for cheap) and it was a real bummer.

Then last week I went to the Dollar Tree for something else and found out they had a kick ass Easter section. I got V a dancing bunny, a puzzle and some pinwheels. I also got her a second bat and ball for when friends come over, then I changed my mind and decided to shove it in the baby’s basket. That way she knows it’s “his” for when he gets old enough to use it.

Overall I think I spent around $45 for both kids, but I could have done it for a lot cheaper if I’d gone to the Dollar Tree first and Target second. Live and learn.

The baby's basket. Not much here.

The baby’s basket. Not much here.

V's basket contents.

V’s basket contents.

V's basket once assembled.

V’s basket once assembled.


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