How to get Your Older Sibling to Share

Long before the baby was born I put away all the old baby toys. I’ve been slowly bringing them back out as he gets old enough to use them. One of the benefits of this is that V can distinguish between her toys and A’s toys. She’s very good about giving him age-appropriate toys. The problem comes when I want her to share one of her other toys.

Yesterday I handed him a toy V just got for Christmas. It was a simple red ball with a face and lots of rubber strands. She immediately stopped what she was doing, took the ball away and started doing “keep away” or chucking it across the room. No amount of me telling her to give it back would work.

Oh, did you want this?

Oh, did you want this?

So I grabbed this:


It’s a fake CD player that makes sounds and plays songs. I ignored her and focused on A with the toy. He couldn’t use it so I played the music for him. V ran up, dumped the toy, said “Here A!” and grabbed the CD.

So the secret to getting your kid to share a toy with a younger sibling is to give a second, cooler toy to the younger sibling.


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