Potty Training Regression

V was doing really, really well with her potty training. She loved the potty. She told me every time she had to go. Our main problem was that she wanted to go all the time. Over Christmas, she stayed an extra four days in Socal with the grandparents. I was informed that she had no accidents during that time, though she did have a few near-misses. They also told her she couldn’t wipe, flush, or wash her hands unless she actually did something on the potty. I’d been trying to do this one myself, but gave up due to the incessant whining. Go grandparents!

As soon as she came back, the accidents began. I’d gotten so used to her asking me to go that I stopped prompting. Pretty soon we’d be at two hours and there’d be an accident. Those of you who’ve gone through training before know that one accident tends to screw up the whole day and pretty soon you have lots of accidents. That’s what’s been happening lately. I tried to remedy things by setting a timer for every hour to remind us both it was time to go. She still had damp (but not wet) underpants on occasion so it seemed to be helping.

Today we went to a fun indoor kid’s place. I set the timer, and we actually ended up going more frequently. Everything was fine and dandy until we went to try the zip line. V had never done it before but saw the other kids and wanted to try it. The excitement was palpable. When her turn came, the girl running the line pointed out that V’s pants were wet. I looked. They weren’t just a little wet. Most of her accidents lately have been minor, as if she starts to pee a little and then stops herself. This was not the case. We’re talking full on pee down both pant legs.

I whisked her away to the bathroom to change her into our one spare set of underwear and pants (another was in the car). We’d been there a while so I asked about leaving, but she really wanted to stay. Fine. We headed upstairs to play more. The commotion had woken the baby, so I pulled him out to nurse while V played. No sooner had I set up then I saw her grabbing her butt. I called her over repeatedly until she finally came. She was crying, so I asked if she had to go poop and we agreed to head back to the bathroom.

Back in the bathroom, I changed the baby while she pooped. Or so I thought. There was nothing in the bowl but she said she was done. It smelled, but I figured it was just nasty farts. If only. When I took her off the potty I saw poop smeared on the seat and all over her butt and underwear. How the hell did I miss that when I put her on the potty? Our last set of clothes soiled, there was nothing left to do but leave. I cleaned her up and tied a sweater around her waist to cover her bare butt.

I don’t know what the hell happened but I hope this shit ends soon. V’s been sick with a cold so that might be a contributor, though she’s been feeling better the last couple of days. Whatever the reason, it’s really frustrating.


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