Dough Ornaments

As I was going through my Christmas decorations I found a box containing stuff from my late grandma. Within it I found these:


Holy shit! Dough ornaments! I remembered making these. It used some sort of modified cookie recipe. You made the dough, cut it into shapes, added a hole and then painted them with food coloring. After baking they became rock hard and virtually indestructible. These things must be at least 25 years old. I had to make some!

So a quick search online lead me to this recipe. It’s basically flour, a ton of salt and some water. The recipe said “makes 15 ornaments.” That was plenty. I decided to make them on a playgroup day so we could share the fun and not have a ton leftover. However, due to a last minute hosting change no one showed up. We made a lot of ornaments. This recipe made more like 30. I decided to make gifts out of them for the relatives. We could do it annually and that way everyone could see how well the decorating progressed.


Not 15.

We followed the recipe for the most part. I used a toothpick to make the holes, but even so they required some enlarging with scissors after baking. I remember this being a problem with my grandma’s ornaments as well, only hers were so hard that the cookies would fracture if you tried to enlarge the holes. So please note to make the holes a decent size if you attempt this.


For threading I used this stuff, which I got from a fabric store in their “ribbons and lace” area. It’s somewhat elastic.





The fabric store had a lot of crafty stuff like paint, but no varnish that I saw. My grandma’s cookies never required varnish, so I decided to chance it without the stuff. I bought some acrylic paints because I figured they’d be better than V’s washable paints, but when I opened the kit half the colors were dry. We ended up using glitter glue and her washable paint. V got exhausted halfway through, which was fine. I could save the rest for another year.


Finished ornaments.


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  1. Peaches

    Great idea and V is SUPER cute here.

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