Just Another Morning

5:30 am- V awakens, wanders into our room and informs me she has to pee. We pee and put her back to bed.

6:30 am- She awakens again. This time she’s more awake, so I try to get out of bed quickly and get her out of our room before she wakes up the others. I misjudge where she is (it’s pitch black) and walk right into her with my leg, knocking her back onto the carpet. Oh boy. Crying, milk, Cheerios and Sesame Street then I’m back in bed.

7:20 am- Cries of “Pee pee!” bring me into the living room. She’s clutching herself and alternately saying “potty” and “vagina wet.” She is indeed wet. However, the culprit appears to be her milk, which she has managed to spill ALL over the couch. And her pants. I sniff her underwear when I remove it. It’s soaked, but I smell no urine. After she’s changed it’s back to the couch with vinegar. The milk is down in the crack of the couch this time. I go back to bed to nurse the baby, but she follows and manages to wake him up more thoroughly. I leave my husband in bed and get up with the baby.

9:00 am- Things have been going fine. We ate breakfast, did some puzzles and now we’re reading on the bed. Except V wants to jump on the bed. She knows this is not allowed but does it anyway. I try to grab her before she can jump on ME but instead I magically get my thumb in her mouth and her incisors hit it while coming down. Thankfully my thumb was tough enough to have no damage from the bite, but the opposite pressure it exerted in her mouth felt bad so she starts crying. I comfort her and we read more.

9:45 am- I go into the living room to get something and find cat barf on the carpet. While I’m cleaning that up, the baby starts wailing.

10:00 am- Barf all cleaned up. Baby’s butt all cleaned up. Time to get the husband out of bed cause I’m sick of dealing with this crap on my own.

10:15 am- Nurse the kid, get him back to sleep. Finally have a few minutes to myself while V is distracted by Daddy. And I have no internet. So I type this in Word with plans to post later.

10:45 am- Hear the baby is awake. Damn, need to move the swing to an area less trafficked by V. Try to nurse, but he just takes a bit and then stops. I get up and realize my other boob has just leaked all over the front of my shirt. I go to change my shirt and put on a bra. I step into the bathroom to get some nursing pads and see shit on the floor. I’ve been bugging my husband to change the kitty litter for like two weeks now (it’s his one and only pet). I find him in the living room and tell him to deal with the shit and to change the damn kitty litter. He actually does it this time.

11:00 am- I pump my leaking boob, but barely anything comes out. Pumping so far with this kid has been difficult. I never get much, not that it comes in handy when I do- he usually refuses to eat for anyone else. I can’t wait to start solids. Actually, solids are going to suck too (sooo much messier and slow), but at least it least to my favorite stage- self feeding!

11:15 am- V asks to use the potty then asks for books. This usually means she has to poop and she’ll be in there a good 45 minutes. Yay! I get to clean the kitchen now.

11:30 am- V is done, but no poop. Oh well. At least I got the kitchen semi-clean.



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