Most Memorable Thanksgiving Trip Moments

V exclaiming she has to pee right as we’re heading out the door. Me grabbing her and rushing her to the potty without realizing that she already has peed and getting my shirt wet. And my bra. The only bra I packed. I had to change my shirt and do a spot clean on my bra. All I could think was that I had to wear and feed my son from a bra that had urine on it.

V pooping for literally five minutes straight after not pooping for two days.

Yelling repeatedly “Stop running! STOP RUNNING!” as my six year old niece barrels down a hill full tilt while holding V’s hand, then witnessing the inevitable face-plant.

My dad singing “Express yourself!” and doing a little jig in the car after I explained that my boobs would probably be hurting after five hours without nursing/pumping (brought the pump, but lost the battery pack).

Listening to my grandma praise her youngest son. He lives with her and she has very little memory these days, so things between them can get quite stressful.

Listening to my grandma chastise my sister for some PDA (we’re not even sure what) with her boyfriend. They were pretty much just sitting on the couch. She exclaimed “I won’t stand for this! I’m going home!” and got up, then realized she doesn’t drive anymore and that my dad would have to take her home, and sat back down.

Having a great home-cooked meal with my dad and siblings. Even got to meet my sister’s elusive new boyfriend!

And this.


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