Delayed Gratification

Between multiple colds and potty training we’ve been cooped up in the house for like two weeks. Finally we’re cleared for social interaction again so I decide to take V to a fun place she loves. I don’t want to mention this too soon, however, or she’ll think we’re going RIGHT THIS SECOND.

So she’s on the potty and refuses to go or get off. She just wants to sit there all day. I do the only thing I can think of: I name-drop the fun place.

She jumps off the potty and starts chanting about the fun place. She heads to the front door. I explain that we’re going there AFTER lunch. The fun place has food but she never eats anything there. I’d rather not waste money so we’re eating at home. V wants to go NOW. I insist- we’re eating lunch first. I start listing off all her options.

“Do you want turkey?”


“Corn dogs?”


“Hot dog?”




“Shu Mai?”

“No. Try again!”

Wait, what? Oh yes, her games say that whenever she gets a wrong answer.

“Well Mommy is hungry. I’m going to eat lunch. We’ll go to [fun place] after I eat lunch.”


Of course now that she realized we weren’t leaving until I’d had lunch, she agreed to eat as well.



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