Potty Training Part 6


Thursday we were having a problem with her emptying her bladder fully. Saturday was much better. I don’t think we had any pee accidents. She started telling us when she wanted to use the potty. That was a big breakthrough! I still need to remind her, and have her try if it’s been around an hour, but she was taking more control of her own body.

Sunday we went panties & pants with no plastic protection for leaks and we had no accidents. The husband and I even left her with a sitter for a few hours while we went to see Skyfall. She continued to ask to use the potty and performed great.

Poop has been a stumbling block. This is usually more difficult for kids as our Western toilets actually make us poop in an unnatural posture (squatting is how we’re supposed to poop). Thursday and Friday she FREAKED OUT when she pooped- crying long after she’d pooped on the floor. She knew she wasn’t supposed to go there but didn’t seem to have any control over the process. Sunday she decided to just hold it in and not poop at all (she poops daily).

Today was an outing day with panties. We got gas, and she said she had to pee. Thankfully I’d brought one of her little potties for emergencies. We pulled over into a Lowe’s parking lot and I had her pee in between two cars. We then went to Target (no mishaps) and lunch. At the restaurant I immediately went to the bathroom to try to get her to go. Unfortunately, she freaked out about the prospect of using her Dora foldable potty seat and refused to go. I told her fine, we’d eat lunch and try again. She wet herself shortly after the food arrived, though I did manage to finish my burger first. I had to run out to the car, grab a change of clothes and then take her (and baby, and purse) to the restroom again and pray they wouldn’t bus our table. Once in the bathroom she asked to pee again and used the Dora seat just fine.

Next we headed to the park. It had a bathroom but the doors had keypads so I figured they were locked. About 15 minutes into playing she mentioned the potty, then said she didn’t need to use it. Shortly after that she started clutching her butt and crying. Uh oh, that could only mean one thing. I rushed her back to the car as quickly as possible to deal with the damage. Surprisingly, there was only a single small nugget of poop clinging to her butt. She was holding the rest in. I sat her on the potty but nothing happened. We headed back to the park. This time I actually checked the bathroom doors. Open! Well at least now I knew.

Back at home I put her on the potty again. I could tell she really, really needed to poop. After all, she was a day overdue. She asked and we tried several times to no avail. Finally, after about 40 minutes of intermittent butt-clutching and whining and trying, she sat down and she did it! I never thought I’d be happy to have my living room smell like shit, but today it was the smell of success!

Not that I didn’t break out the Frebreze right after…


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