Potty Training Part 5

This week has been pretty shitty. Literally and figuratively. Last week V was just getting over a cold; now she has a new one with an impressive cough. Since we’re stuck at home anyway I decided to try potty training again.

Tuesday was full of peeing in underpants. She has no qualms about peeing in underpants. My husband watched her while I went to vote and she promptly wet her bed while sitting in it reading. We were using the waterproof cover to protect the couch so her pee went all the way down to the mattress. The pillows also got a taste. Baking soda and vinegar ensued. Wetting her training pants was pretty much all that happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday I started out with training pants just because it was chilly. Of course those got wet (0:1). After that we went commando. From 11:30 to 2:30 I was on pee watch. Nothing. Twice she asked for underpants- a big indication that she has to go. I didn’t give her any, but asked her to sit on the potty every 15-20 minutes. Finally at 2:30 she peed on the potty willingly (1:1). At around 5pm she peed again- on her giant stuffed teddy bear (1:2). At 6:15 she peed on the potty when I wasn’t looking, then jumped up and asked for a sticker (2:2). Yay! After that she pooped on the floor. Thankfully it was solid and not on the carpet. She got really upset when it happened. I told her accidents happen and just to go on the potty next time. Not counting that as poop is supposed to be more difficult. I can’t remember if she peed again before bed or not. Either way, progess.

Today has sucked. We started in underwear again and she pooped in those (crying “Pee pee potty!”). No biggie. She’s gone on the potty twice but both times she didn’t empty her bladder fully. She then proceeded to dribble a lit bit everywhere. I’ve been feeling wet spots just walking around. She peed on Daddy’s chair (covered). She peed on the baby’s bouncer (not covered, but washable). She peed on both of her wooden chairs. She peed a lot on me and the baby while I was nursing, managing to get the boppy pillow and the couch pillow in the process. I kept asking her to sit down on the potty but she wasn’t going for it.

Thankfully I got her to sit on the potty while I type this and she peed! Still doesn’t look like a full urination, but I’ll take what I can get I guess. At least she’s usually ok with sitting down to try now, and the rewards seem to be working to motivate her.


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  1. Keep at it, sounds like you’re doing great. Esp. not disciplining her when she messes up. My mantra when I went through it (all three times) was ‘this too shall pass’!

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