Halloween 2012

V is only two, so I wasn’t sure about trick or treating this year. My husband would be working, and the idea of wrangling a toddler while toting Baby A didn’t appeal to me. I also felt kinda silly considering her age. When the forecast for Oct 31 said rain, I decided we’d skip the whole ordeal.

A few hours later I got a call from a friend. Did we want to go trick or treating with her? The whole thing seemed a lot less silly if I was going with another parent and toddler. I mentioned the rain and told her we’d play it by ear considering the weather. My husband also decided to stay and work from home, which means he could hand out candy while we went out. At 5:30 it was overcast but not wet so we decided to get ready. The baby was asleep so I decided to leave him with my husband.

At 6:00 we hit the houses around my friend’s house. She informed me that most of the neighbors had little kids too.

V did really well, aside from a couple houses with scary decorations. One had a hanging dead pirate. I had to pick her up and carry her past it. Another house had a loud pirate skull on the door that made both girls balk. We skipped that house.

You know you have toddlers at your door when the knocking never ends.

Both girls had fun. V’s friend kept stopping every few houses to take out a Tootsie pop and announce “eat it!” and “unwrap it!” When all was said and done we let them have some candy back at the house. Of course the Tootsie pops were the first thing they picked. V got sticky slobber all down her side, which I discovered with my arm when I placed her into the car seat. It was a good night though. Not too much candy, just 30 minutes of trick or treating until it got dark. And no rain! We brought an umbrella just in case and I’m glad we didn’t have to use it.

Oh, and this was Baby A’s costume (from a party earlier in the week).

A tiger. Or as my husband was grumbling, a Giant’s fan.


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