A Miracle

This is the typical morning routine right now: V wakes up, usually around 7:20. She either starts crying immediately or else sings to herself and reads. Either way it’s hard for me to sleep through since we share a wall. So I get up, change her, get her some milk and plop her in front of the TV with Sesame Street going on Netflix. Then I return to bed. Sesame street runs about an hour, but she gets bored after 15-30 minutes and seeks me out. She slams open the door and walks into our room loudly saying something like “Mommy!” Then she’ll climb on top of me and threaten to crush her brother. At this point I have to get up for real, change the baby and make breakfast.

Yesterday she got a cold, so I’m hoping I get to sleep in. No dice. At 7:30 she wakes up. I set her up at the TV and go back to bed. Between the dogs barking and the baby insisting that I’m a pacifier sleep takes a while to come. I wake up to a whisper at the foot of the bed. “Daddy. Mommy. Sleeping.” No door banging. No loud announcement. She proceeds to crawl onto the bed so I get up.

What time is it? 9:00! Wow she let me sleep! Uh oh, Sesame Street ended 30 minutes ago. We’re going to have burn in on the TV. But no, she’s got the DVD going instead (we have a universal remote with macros for “watch DVD” and “watch PC,” easy enough for a toddler to use).

I go into her room to change the baby and I see her exiting our room. She very slowly and quietly closes the door behind her and calmly walks into the living room. No demands, and she’s quiet enough that my husband can keep sleeping.

Miracle morning!


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