Tantrum Cause #436

My child is particular. She likes things to be organized, and god forbid if you mess with her system. Everything possible can be arranged. Books are a favorite. This is one arrangement:

You too can have a living room this beautiful! Just have kids.

This is no random arrangement. Look how she tried to evenly space them out. There’s also this:

“The Line”

In this case, she was bringing me books to read to her, then going to get a new book while I played games on my phone until she returned. It wasn’t until six or seven books in that I noticed she was placing the read books all in a line, with the most recently read book furthest away. So yes, my child is very orderly.

Throughout the day the books get put back on the shelves. Bookshelves don’t stay neat for long when you have kids. As soon as kids gain mobility, or even a bit before, you start removing things from the bottom shelves. It looks like this. I hate having bare shelves (we have a TON of stuff and need places to put it) so eventually I started putting books back on all the shelves. Unfortunately, they never stay straight so I resorted to just letting things lie flat on the shelf. Piles and piles of books are randomly shoved onto each shelf. It looks horrid.

At my house, this is “clean” because at least they aren’t on the floor.

One day I got the bright idea to put a few books back vertically. Not even all the books, just a single shelf in her room. I then proceeded to nurse the baby in the living room. It wasn’t long before I heard V freaking out about something in her room. She was pissed, frustrated, and crying hysterically. I was pretty sure I knew the cause, so I tried to finish nursing first and called out that I’d be there in a minute. She couldn’t wait. Things were completely out of control and she needed my help. I removed the baby and walked into her room. This is what I found:

As I suspected, the now-orderly shelf was the culprit. Toddlers can’t do upright books. She’d removed a book, but the others were now falling forward. Most kids would probably walk away giving less than two shits, but to my daughter this was upsetting. So she held them upright. But now she couldn’t move. Yelling and crying had ensued. I helped extricate her from the situation, then moved the books back to a horizontal position when she wasn’t looking. That’s what I get for trying to straighten up my house.


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