Pumpkin Painting

V is only two, so I didn’t feel like carving a pumpkin with her. That’s a damn messy affair and not something I relish doing even with other adults. But I wanted to do something with pumpkins since we’ve gone to two pumpkin patches so far this month. You can go all Mr. Potato Head on a pumpkin but I doubt it would remain decorated long with a toddler. So I decided we’d be painting. And just my luck- she picked out a white pumpkin. Perfect canvas!

Originally we were going to do this outside, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. I prayed things wouldn’t get too messy. Thankfully she was really neat about the whole thing. I asked her what color she wanted and she started out with black, then moved to white. Painting a white pumpkin white. I started reminding her that there were other colors, and she just shifted one color down each time I reminded her. I think we got everything except brown.

Look how clean the floor is!

Eventually her hands did get pretty messy, and she didn’t like the feeling of wet paint. I kept telling her not to worry about them and that we’d wash her hands at the end. This whole time I’m running back and forth to the sink rinsing brushes so the colors wouldn’t get mixed. They got mixed anyway of course.

She had a smaller pumpkin too, but completely ignored it. Every so often I’d remind her that it was there and able to be painted. This resulting in a quick brush stroke before going back to the big pumpkin.

Overall it was a complete success. The mess was minimal and she enjoyed the activity.


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