Potty Training Part 3

Today went better. I didn’t plan on it being a potty training day, and I don’t even remember what she did that sparked it. I do remember that it started out very very bad, with her arching her back and refusing to sit and crying hysterically. I tried to give her more in the way of choices, and she ended up sitting on the two little potties today but not the big one.

I started out just dragging a potty from room to room and asking her if she had to go. She was in her underwear and plastic underwear. Every time I asked she denied that she had to go. I made lunch, and halfway through eating it she acted like she had to go so we rushed to the potty. Now she was willing to sit, but refused to let me pull her pants down. I had to strip her completely and try again. Eventually she sat but she never went pee. I gave her the Kindle and she was content to sit for a good hour without peeing. She complained when I took her off for nap time.

After nap time I moved the potty into the office so I could do other things while she sat. Again, she sat a good hour on the potty with the Kindle, but no pee. I could tell her butt was getting sore so I suggested that we go outside and brought the potty along. I was amazed she was going so long without peeing. She went during her nap in her diaper, but aside from a few false starts in the potty we’d had nothing. It’s like she didn’t want to go on the potty or in her underwear so she was just holding it as long as she could. She didn’t even pee in the shower this evening. Overall for today we had one wet diaper, one accidental dribble (during initial tantrum), and two pees in the potty. However, the volume she went in the potty didn’t seem like much.

Still, it was a good day. She was actually sitting without complaining (much). I rewarded her with plenty of praise, chocolate and stickers for even trying. I’m really hoping tomorrow we can progress further.


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  1. Peaches

    Good job. Potty training is so hard.

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