Potty Training Part 2

Yesterday started out promising. I was able to get my daughter to use the potty seat again. She seemed content to sit on the potty as long as she had the Kindle. However, between running out of the room to do other things and the bathroom fan being so loud (it’s attached to the light), I was unable to tell if she had gone. I moved to the other restroom, but unfortunately it’s not the most convenient one for when she actually has to go immediately. She was also over it at that point and tantrumed pretty bad, collapsing on the floor and napping there for 90 minutes.

We tried training underpants and she really liked them. The plastic covers worked wonders for keeping pee contained as well. V freaked out the first time she peed her pants. It was actually quite amusing to watch. She was walking along, then slowly looked down, grabbed her pants and started to cry. We had a couple accidents like this. When I tried to get her to use the potty she didn’t want the underwear to come off. She kept grabbing it and attempting to hold it up. I finally got her on again in the afternoon with the Kindle. She tried very hard to poop, but the angle seemed bad or something because she was unable to do it on the toilet. I tried to coax her onto the little potty to try there, but she would have none of it.

In the evening she was through trying. Eventually I gave her the option of showering or sitting on the potty, and she choose the potty. No pee, but at least she tried.

This morning I could not coax her on at all, Kindle or not. I even tried sitting on the toilet myself playing some new Kindle games I’d grabbed for her. She kept coming over to investigate but refused to sit on the potty. She got really worked up and started crying “diaper change!” Even returning to the bathroom to brush her teeth caused a tantrum.



  1. Peaches

    Ouch. That sounds like a tricky situation. 😦 I’m sorry. How long are you having her sit on the toilet? Some kids come to see it as a punishment to have to sit on it for a really long time, hence the fear and avoidance. I know there’s a bunch of different methods, but when I’ve been a nanny and pre-school teacher for kids this age, the talking about it a lot and asking them to sit on the toilet at regular intervals (for no more than 3-5 minutes – tops) and praising the heck out of them worked pretty well. Maybe you already tried that. I’m just trying to brainstorm for you. How many methods have you tried?

  2. She was on there for like 30 minutes. She was into the Kindle and didn’t want to move, but I was afraid her butt/legs were getting numb. I’d prefer to stick with 10 minutes or so, if I can get her back on again. Right now the main issue is getting her on at all. Tonight she opted for a shower instead of the potty w/ Kindle, so she hasn’t been on at all today.

    • Peaches

      30 minutes. Wow. Never known a kid who would sit still that long. lol. That kindle must be magical.
      You’re doing awesome 🙂

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