Minor Breakthrough

I’ve been trying to be low key about the whole potty training thing, without a lot of success. Today I was at Target and happened to see one of those padded potty seats with the handles that goes over the big toilet. We do have a seat for that already, but it’s portable so it’s flat and folds up. Not exactly sturdy or comfortable. This padded seat was Sesame Street themed and only $12.99. I decided to try it, though I was already spending too much money and I didn’t know if it would help any. After all, she could go perfectly fine on the little potty by herself.

I got the shower ready like usual and stripped her down, but this time when we got to the bathroom I placed her on the new seat. I tried to make it as fun as possible, mimicking my husband’s countdown method (he says “one,” she says “two,” then they both say “three!”) to try to force some semblance of participation. It worked! She sat on the potty, though she seemed kinda of awkward and didn’t go pee. BUT SHE SAT THERE. She stayed there the whole time while I showered and we sang songs. Afterward, she started flushing pieces of toilet paper, then sat on it again. I sat down on the floor and we talked for a good 15 minutes while she sat on the potty. No pee, but she wasn’t fighting me. Eventually I got her up and told her it was time to get ready for bed. I told her that I know the potty was fun, and that she could play with it again tomorrow. Whew!


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  1. Peaches

    Hide your jewelry! Otherwise, that sounds awesome.

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