Potty Training Soon

I’ve been pushing out potty training for a while now due to various factors, but it is something I can no longer ignore. Fall is here, and it occurred to me that I’m going to lose the warm weather if I don’t start now. No warm weather means no running around naked outside during the first few days of training, and I’d like to minimize the damage to my carpet and furniture. Another problem is that she drinks and pees a lot. Two urinations can soak through one diaper. That’s a lot of pee! V is obviously ready, and I can even tell when she’s going in her diaper (she semi-squats). I’ve made a point to tell her she’s going to the bathroom at the time so she learns to associate the words with the action. Next week we are between a bunch of activities (parents are visiting now, and in a few weeks we have another parental visit and a wedding), so I plan on starting Saturday or Sunday.

I’ve been prepping for this for a while now. Here’s my list of materials:

  • 3 packs of training underwear (so 9 undies)
  • 2 packs of plastic underwear covers
  • 2 packs of M&Ms for rewarding
  • Time to Pee by Mo Willems (includes stickers and progress calendar)
  • Variety of stickers for tracking and rewarding progress
  • Baby Bjorn potty chair
  • Another potty chair (was a gift and V has issues with the design)
  • One of those portable seats that folds up so that you can turn a regular toilet into a child potty.

I plan on using the boot camp method of potty training because my pediatrician recommended it. Basically you stay home for a few days to a week. The first day or two you strip the kid naked and let them run around the yard. Every 15 minutes you ask them if they have to go and put them on the potty. Every time they go they get a reward. After a day or two you repeat the process with underwear. After a few days you try leaving the house. Here is a similar method.

I’ll try to post our daily progress here, but no guarantees (finding time to blog when you have two kids is difficult!).

We did have a cool thing happen tonight though. Lately V has been going in the shower with me in the evenings. Not every night, but she was a little dirty so I stripped her and told her we were going to shower. She ran in the bathroom and sat on the potty, so I told her to go pee and she did! First time in a potty! :DDDD  I gave her an M&M and praised the hell out of her. This makes me really optimistic about training.


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