Boy Parts

I just wanted to rant for a minute. Whoever said that boys are easier to clean than girls is high. Girls you just wipe. It’s a fairly flat surface and everything is easy to clean. Wipe the flat stuff, wipe the crack, done. Boys get poop all over their little bits. So you have to move stuff (poop-covered stuff) out of the way in order to clean underneath and around. It takes a lot more wipes. Yes, you have to wipe in one direction for girls but that’s easy because you don’t have to wipe every which way to get them clean. I have to wipe from multiple weird angles just to get my son clean.


1 Comment

  1. Valerie

    Hahaha! I SO hear you on this! I use waaaayyy more wipes with my little boy than I ever did with my girl! Ugh, it can be pretty bad when he’s squirming to get away too! 😉

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