Co-sleeping (Take 2!)

V spent the first six months or so in a bassinet. Even though she was within arm’s reach it was extremely difficult for either of us to sleep. She fussed a lot (understandably) and I couldn’t sleep through ANY noise she made. Not only that, but she was a poor feeder initially so I had to set a timer for every 2-3 hours and WAKE HER ASS UP to eat. Or at least try to. It was exhausting.

As much as I longed to try co-sleeping, I was terrified that I’d roll over or suffocate her somehow. Eventually I broke down and tried it, but not until she was much, much larger and had better head control. It was soooo much easier. Roll onto side, insert boob, fall back asleep. I vowed that the second time around I’d try co-sleeping from the beginning.

Little A is now two months old and I can say that I wholeheartedly endorse this form of sleeping. I GOT TO SLEEP the first two months. How many parents of newborns can say that? This time, when people asked me if I was tired, I could say “Nope!” Little A woke up once or twice at night, but with the “roll over and insert boob” method I could easily go right back to sleep. It’s not like I have to be conscious for him to eat.



  1. Valerie

    I did the same thing with baby #3 and I wasn’t sleep deprived at ALL! Once rolling started I had to move him though; we’ve had a few falls off the bed. 😦 I loved co-sleeping. I still would do it now (he’s 12 months) but he’s crawling and walking and has no fear of the end of the bed. Enjoy it!!

  2. Hmm, I never had that problem with my daughter. I wonder if my son will be different. Did your kids sleep next to you? I wedge mine in the crook of my arm.

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