I Won a Small Battle

Just as with any human interaction, you have to pick your battles when it comes to children. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve given ground on, like climbing on the back of the couch while I’m nursing, and there are things where I won’t budge. Today’s battle was tough.

We were having lunch at Costco. I used to get a hotdog combo and a sundae, then I used to share them with V, and now V is old enough for her own combo. We both ate our dogs, but as I’m a much more experienced eater, I finished first. Eventually she saw me working on the sundae and asked for some. I gave her a bite and told her to keep eating the hotdog. I had no problem with her having both, I just didn’t want her to sit there waiting for a bite of ice cream when she should still be working on the dog (there was well over half of it left).

Naturally, my request didn’t go over well. There was a lot of pointing and whining. Eventually there was crying. Now, the problem with kids at this age is that you don’t always know for sure if they’re actively defying you or if they just don’t understand what you’re asking of them. I tried to show her what I wanted by eating some of her dog then taking a bite of ice cream. Still more crying. This went on for a while and I gave up trying to explain things. I told my husband to start packing up, and that we’d finish in the car. I grabbed her dog and started to wrap up the remainder to take home. That got her attention and she told me she wasn’t done with the hotdog. She started eating again and I rewarded her with ice cream every so often. She ate all but three bites of her dog.



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