Baby A is Here!

Induction was scheduled for 6pm at on July 19th. I was to be given cervidil to ripen the cervix. It takes approximately 12 hours to work. My husband wanted little A born on an even day, so we picked the 19th planning on him coming out on the 20th.

Thursday, July 19th

6:00 pm- We got to the hospital and checked in. I was hoping to avoid an IV until the following morning, but was told that cervidil could possibly stress the baby or me, so I had to have an IV in so they could get meds in quickly if needed. I was hooked up to the typical NST monitor and hooked up to a lactated ringers IV drip.

They checked my cervix. I still was dilated or effaced, but his head was RIGHT THERE. We filled out paperwork and ended up getting the same nurse that helped delivery V!

8:30 pm- Still waiting to be induced…

Sent husband to go get us some dinner. We’d had to have “dinner” at 5pm in order to check in on time, but who wants to go that long without food, particularly when you can’t eat once in labor?

9:15 pm- Cervidil finally inserted. Nurse described it like a tampon, but it was nothing like a tampon. It looked like a shoelace with a fat head. The head, or course, was rectangular and had nice pointy edged that scraped like a bitch when the thing was inserted. It had to be shoved WAY up inside, and at one point she had to push in with one hand while pushing on my belly with the other hand (to get A’s head bumping the thing).

10:20 pm- I was offered an Ambien to help me sleep. Seeing as I haven’t slept well in ages I took it and went to bed.

Friday, July 20th

2:00 am- Tried to poop but was extremely sore. Told after the fact that cervidil makes everything damn sore down there. I had a few sporadic contractions.

6:00 am- New nurse for day shift.

6:15 am- I wasn’t supposed to eat, but nothing was supposed to happen until 9 or 10 am so I decided to eat a Smuckers Uncrustable. I really didn’t feel like starting labor after an overnight fast.

6:30 am- My contractions began to pick up really fast. Up until this point they had been sporadic and barely noticeable. Suddenly they were powerful, lasting a minute or longer and coming every minute. I alerted the nurse, who alerted my doctor.

7:15 am- Nurse came back with my Ob and I ordered my epidural. Things were already painful and I didn’t want to take the chance of waiting in line to get one.

7:50 am- Epidural procedure started. Husband wanted to take pictures of it (he was fascinated last time) but was told he’d have to remain seated where he was.

8:07 am- Epidural procedure completed.

8:30 am- I was 4-5cm dilated. Because my contractions were coming well on their own, the nurse decided to forego the Pitocin for the time being.

9:30 am- I tried to nap.

10:40 am- Cervix checked again and I was still only 5 cm. Pitocin was ordered to pick things up.

11:00 am- Pitocin started.

12:15 pm- I was at 7cm. My Ob decided to break the bag. Mom and husband were hungry, so she gave them the ok to go grab lunch as they “had plenty of time.”

12:40 pm- Suddenly I was feeling a lot more pressure. I had been lying on my right side since my epidural, and this caused the medication to pool or something on that side. A “window” opened up on my left side, meaning that I could feel my contractions on that side in an area where the epi wasn’t working. The nurse called the anesthesiologist to up the medication, but he was in the middle of a C section. We tried to roll me over on the other side, hoping that would help spread the meds more evenly, but laying on that side was now excruciating thanks to the lack of meds in the window. I went back to the right side, but the contractions were driving me nuts.

In the end it didn’t matter, as my nurse checked and I was almost fully dilated with just a tiny lip of tissue left. She called the Ob since I was about ready to push, and I laid on my back (this eventually did close the window). Husband and Mom still weren’t back yet from lunch, and we were about to call them and tell them to hurry back, but thankfully they walked in right then.

1:00 pm- Pushing begins. Time-wise, it took longer than expected. With V I only had to push for 45 minutes before she was ready to pop. A took 55 minutes, but most of that was just waiting. My contractions were really far apart (3-5 minutes) and some of them were too weak to waste any time on. My husband said we probably only pushed for seven or so contractions during that 55 minutes.

1:55 pm- A is born! My Ob was actually on call and at the hospital, so we didn’t have to wait around with him in the chute for 30 minutes like we did with V. I bled as he came out, which I didn’t realize was caused by tearing and not just a normal part of birthing.

The crazy thing is he looks just like my daughter did as a newborn.


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