Toddler Hair

“She has a mullet!”

My sister, like most of my relatives, finds V’s hair atrocious. Everyone has been pestering me to get her a hair cut, even my husband. The main complaint is that her hair is so long in front that it covers her eyes. Lately she’s even woken up with boogers in her hair. It’s not pretty.

The problem is twofold. First of all, the “bangs” that they want cut grow from the back of her head. It would look stupid if they were cut, as they can move any which direction. Second, I want her hair to grow long enough that I can actually do something with it. My husband and I both had the standard 80’s bowl cuts as kids and I’d prefer to let her hair grow out longer, maintenance be damned.

Currently I deal with the hair problem by combing it with water in the morning and pulling her “bangs” to one side with a barrette. Usually she’ll leave it alone first thing in the morning. I’ve been telling her how pretty she looks when we put it in. Eventually though, usually when she’s bored in the car seat, she reaches up and takes it off. Then she’ll shake her head and do everything possible to keep me from putting it back on.

I’ve tried mini rubber bands but those don’t work. Her hair is super fine and not very long, so I can’t even get a good grip enough to put one in- the slightest movement of her head and the hair I’m gripping is gone.

I’ve tried to search online for a hairdo that will work for her, but my searches just end up with kiddie salons, not tips or hairdos.

Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do with your kid’s hair?



  1. Peaches

    just a tiny amount of styling wax sometimes works wonders on fine toddler hair. just warm it up between your fingers and run your fingers through the bang part and brush it where you want it to go. in between washings-no need to reaaply. just restyle

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