Getting Closer…

Last night when I went to bed I had some pretty strong and long contractions. My uterus would pretty much just contract and stay that way for a good while. Eventually (we’re talking many minutes) it would relax. Every time I got up to pee then laid down again it would reoccur. The whole thing made me pretty wary.

Then today as I laid there for my NST I noticed that my contractions seemed really regular. Braxton Hicks are supposed to be irregular. These were coming at standard intervals. I asked my doctor about them. She said “you can’t feel them though, right?” But I could. The stronger ones I could at least. They were ranging from 20-40 on the monitor and I could feel anything 25 and up. Of course, it’s not something I might notice if I were walking around doing things. There’s not much else to pay attention to when you’re lying there. Still, it got me wondering if I was going into labor already. I hit 38 weeks tomorrow. My doctor couldn’t give me any straight answer, just said that “you’re full term so it could happen any day now.”

I had contractions most of the rest of the morning but nothing came of it. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on my part. Half of me wants to just get it over with, but I also want my mom or at least my stepmom to be there for the delivery. Someone has to take pictures!

My induction is scheduled on the 19th, which means little A should deliver on the 20th- five days before his due date. We’re pretty ready, but my dad & stepmom don’t arrive until Saturday afternoon and my husband doesn’t start working from home until this Friday. My mother won’t be arriving until the day of, or perhaps the day before, my induction. If I do go into labor early then daytime would be best. I do not relish the thought of waking up V and driving to a playgroup mom’s house at 2am.


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