Just One More Month…

Pregnancy is a lot more annoying the second time around. The first time you’re so happy and excited. The whole experience is new and so you put up with all the discomfort with a smile on your face. You may even be scared about labor and the baby itself, so you’re willing to put up with the whole thing longer.

Not so the second time around. You know a baby is better than being pregnant and you just can’t wait to pop that sucker out. My second trimester I was uncomfortable. I told my husband “I’m so damned uncomfortable. And I know it’s going to get so much worse!” Standing up for 15 minutes to do anything completely drains me and kills my back. It’s hard to make dinner. Putting laundry away is a nightmare. I’m still doing my clothes and V’s, but I told my husband he’s responsible for his own clothes now. Most of the time I end up just leaving the hampers in our bedroom and pulling out clean clothes as I need them. Of course that’s no fun either, as I have to squat or kneel to do so. Preggos can’t really bend over. The result isn’t pretty.

It’s kinda like this.

At least things may seem faster. After all, you (hopefully) have another kid keeping you busy. That also makes it more exhausting. Last time I worked full time until a month before my due date. It was tough, and I don’t know how some women work up until the due date itself. You need time to prepare and to rest. Unfortunately, with other kids running around R&R can be extremely difficult. V is only 21 months old, so I still have to do diapers, dress her, get her snacks, make her meals, etc. which all involves getting up off the couch or lifting her. We don’t go to the park anymore and I avoid any playgroup outings. I just don’t have the stamina to follow her around, or to chase her away from danger (she loves to run across the grass toward the road). Instead we hang out in the backyard, the livingroom or go to a toddler/kiddie play center. I’m diabetic which means I really should be getting some exercise like walking, but I just can’t do it.

My appointments have increased just as they did the last time around, though not nearly as much. I still have non stress tests twice a week and see the Ob every other week, but at least the dietician is only once every three weeks, not every two. I only get one ultrasound at 36 weeks rather than every other week. My husband has been working from home longer in the mornings, which has been helpful as I can leave V with him for most of my NST appointments.

I am more worried about labor this time around. Not that I think anything will go wrong, it’s just that I have another child to take into consideration. Two moms have volunteered to watch V if I suddenly go into labor, but I still don’t relish the thought of calling a non-relative in the middle of the night. I have no local relatives and although my dad and stepmother are going to visit for a week before the baby is due, what if he comes earlier than that? I also want my mom to be there for the birth. She was there for V and it would be nice if she could be there for A as well. But like all our other relatives, she lives six hours away. I’m guessing my labor and delivery will only be six hours long or thereabouts. The first child generally gives you plenty of time. Hell, we stopped at Costco on the way to the hospital to pick up a camera. My water broke at 9am, but I didn’t really start having contractions until the afternoon. V was born at 5:20 am the next day. Plenty of time for my mom to drive up. She even got to leave the hospital for a few hours to take a nap. This time I doubt we’ll have that luxury. But V is what concerns me the most. I really don’t want to pluck her from her bed in the middle of the night and take her to someone else’s house.

There is still a ton of stuff on my baby “To Do” list that I should probably start taking care of- things like washing the baby clothes (I don’t have any yet, the shower is this weekend), washing the baby linens/car seat/bassinet, buying diapers, buying monstrously-sized maxi pads, moving V’s stuff to the other dresser, and packing bags for myself and for V. On top of that, there’s stuff I need to do around the house. The grass is dying because several of the sprinklers have gone out, so I need to call the guy who installed them (they’re still under warranty). Our dogs desperately need to see the groomer. K is blowing his coat and looks horrid. S has tons of knots in her long fur as per usual. It’s difficult to find the mental energy to even schedule these appointments though. We were hoping to get the bathroom remodeled as well before the new baby arrived, but we haven’t even gone out to look at tile or a toilet yet. That one at least is going to have to wait.



  1. We just found out we’re expecting #2, and this answers some questions I have about how different it’s going to be! Keeping up with my toddler is definitely a big concern – I’m already exhausted. Good luck with this last month!

    • Thanks!

      Every pregnancy is different. So far this one has been less eventful. My nausea is different, my food tastes, etc. Don’t expect any of your pregnancy symptoms to be the same. Some will be, but you may very well have a completely different experience.

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