Potty Training?

A few months ago my husband started pushing really hard to potty train our daughter. He talks to a lot of coworkers (usually all guys and engineers) who give him lots of ideas about where our child “should” be. We also have some friends with a 2.5 year old daughter that is completely potty trained (can pull down pants, go, flush, pull up pants, wash hands, etc.).

The thing is, I don’t really see the point in starting when she can’t get her own pants down by herself. I’m having a baby in July and the last thing I want while nursing it to have V run up to me and tell me she has to go NOW. There’s also the issue that a lot of kids revert back to baby-like behaviors when a new baby comes into the household. I don’t want to make a lot of progress with her only to have it backslide.

So even though I’ve always seen myself as being one of those moms who could potty train before the age of two, it’s going to have to be put off.


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