Big Girl Bed and Big Girl Chairs

We’re slowing getting a room ready for V. Our house has four bedrooms. Right now we have the master, the nursery, the office and V’s “to be” bedroom which used to be the library. We removed all the books and most of the furniture but there’s still a lot of work to be done. However, there’s no rush. Even though Kid #2 is 2.5 months away I don’t plan on him needing his own room for a good six months. I’m a LOT more comfortable about cosleeping now, and even if I weren’t we still have the bassinet.

That said, I did buy a twin mattress for the room several months ago, mainly for me. I wanted a place where I could lie down while pregnant that V could actually access safely. The mattress is currently lying on the floor so she can scramble all over me without falling off and hurting herself. Again, I didn’t really plan on her actually sleeping in this bed for a good eight months.

V may have other plans.

Lately she’s been trying very hard to grow up. She wants to walk, not be carried or in a shopping cart. She wants to sit in real chairs, not a high chair. Any time I try to put her in a high chair or even a booster seat she throws a fit. It doesn’t matter that her food is at an awkward height- she wants to be in a real chair!

Ever since the bed appeared she’s enjoyed playing in it. One of her favorite things to do is lie down, pull up the blanket and say “Night night!” Last night after my husband got her ready for bed she ran into this room, rather than the nursery, and did just that. Maybe she wants to actually sleep there now. We decided to give it a shot, went through the whole routine and laid her down in this bed.

It didn’t exactly go well. She continued to play around on the bed, kick the wall, etc. The baby monitor was still set up in the nursery so we couldn’t really watch how it was going either. Eventually she started calling out “Mommy” so I went in to check on her. I tried lying down next to her, thinking that might help. She still continued to play with Clifford or the blanket. At one point she got off the bed and tried to snuggle with her massive teddy bear (it’s literally adult human sized). I put her back in bed. Then she tried laying sideways with her lower half off the bed and her upper half on. It didn’t help that the room wasn’t super dark either, as we have a computer server in there with a big blue light illuminating most of the room.

Eventually I gave up and took her to the crib. That didn’t go well either. She bawled for a good long while, then called out for a diaper change (she tends to poop whenever she’s throwing a fit over not sleeping), then continued to bawl for another long while. I think it was a good hour and a half past her bed time by the time she fell asleep.

Today I tried a different tactic. She fell asleep in the car on the way home, which usually allows me to easily transfer her to the crib for her nap. Instead I tried putting her in the bed. Unfortunately, her eyes snapped open as soon as she hit the mattress and she started waking up more. I quickly transferred her to the crib, but that lead to a tantrum. This was at 12:45. I tried repeatedly to get her to take her nap but she absolutely refused. Then at 4pm she konked out while watching Sesame Street in my husband’s chair.

I don’t know that she’s ready for the big bed yet. She clearly wants to sleep there, or at least pretend like she’s sleeping there. We’ll have to see how this goes. I may have to finish her room a lot sooner than anticipated.


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