No More Warcraft

I’ve quit Wow. It was a tough decision, but this was a good time to do it.

As is the case during every lull before the next expansion, people have been getting bored with the game and quitting. This makes recruiting new players extremely difficult. My server in particular has suffered the loss of many guilds on horde side. Some quit, some transferred and a few went to SWTOR. Several of my own players stopped showing up or had to quit, leaving holes in our always-tight roster. Every week we were pugging a few people.

My main officer decided to quit the game in January when his subscription ran out. He was just tired of the game. Unfortunately, since I had the kid I’d been leaning heavily on my officers to help out. This particular officer handled raid leading, recruitment and general guild politics. He had become the face of the guild, more so than me. When he quit I thought everything would be fine, though strained. It’s nothing I hadn’t handled before on my own. But after the slump in attendance and the absolute lack of recruits, good or otherwise, I found that I didn’t really have the will to keep going.

The game had just gotten boring for me. I only logged on for raids or to farm for some stupid mount. Raiding was difficult, as my daughter insisted on sitting in my lap or bugging me incessantly. Her bedtime was two hours after raid start, and we only raided for three hours. Though I learned to distract her with Sesame Street playing on my iPhone, it was just cumbersome and annoying to play with her awake. I wasn’t having fun anymore and lost the desire to continue.

A lot of my other raiders felt the same way. A few still wanted to raid but a lot were just going through the motions. Like me, they showed up out of a sense of duty to their friends and routine. I spoke with my officers and made the announcement. Our guild would no longer be raiding.

It’s been almost a month now and I don’t miss it at all. I’ve made many friendships over the years, but my most important contacts are still on Facebook. I did sign up for the Annual Pass, which means I’m locked into paying for Wow until December (technically October, but I’m on the 6 month package and it renews in June). I’ll keep logging in once a month to maintain guild lead, but other than that I’m done. Maybe I’ll come back for Pandas, but I don’t see it happening. Without raiding the game just isn’t enjoyable to me, and that’s not something I can commit to, especially with a second baby on the way.


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