A Penis

I found out Friday that I’m having a boy.  I’m a tad disappointed (I wanted girl, girl, boy) but even more apprehensive about what it entails. Suddenly I have to worry about getting peed on during diaper changes, dealing with aiming issues when potty training, and making a decision about circumcision. Poop seems like it will be worse too. I know everyone says that girls are harder to clean, but I don’t buy it. Girls are simple to clean- just wipe  down and you’re done. Boys have a lot more stuff to get covered in poop though. Last time I got to skip all those chapters on penis care, but now I’m going to have to become intimately familiar with how to take care of one.

I’m going to need clothes too, and a lot of them. Relatives better stop buying V pink toys too, as they’ll all have to transition from one to the other eventually. They can share a room as youngsters, but eventually V is going to need some privacy from her brother.


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