Why I’m Not Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic

I love Bioware games, or at least the ones that I’ve played. Neverwinter Nights was good. My emotional involvement with Valen from Hordes of the Underdark made me realize I really needed to start dating again. Their other Star Wars games have been epic. Playing an evil Jedi/Sith was immensely satisfying (I’m a such goodie two-shoes in real life). Dragon Age was incredible and Dragon Age 2 just continued to build on that. All their games have amazing replay value. Finishing each game only makes you want to restart fresh and try things a different way.

Most of my Wow guildmates are level 45 or so in SWTOR. There is immense pressure to play this game and I know it will be incredibly fun.

So what’s holding me back?

I can’t afford to play it. Monetary concerns aside, MMOs are life-draining and I already play one. Scratch that, I’m already the Guild Master of a raiding guild in one. My current raid schedule is three nights a week, with a Looking For Raid pug whenever I have the time. Technically I only have to be online ~12 hours a week. Still, there are dailies to be done (gotta get those Darkmoon Faire tickets so I can buy more mounts/pets that I’ll never use!), dungeons to farm (still need my blue protodrake), and guild business to attend to (though I’ve handed most of that to my officers).

It doesn’t help that I’m on PST, my server is MST and I have raiders on EST. Hell, one is all the way in Halifax, Canada, which is on freaking Atlantic time. Raid invites start at 6:45 pm server, or 5:45 pm my time. My daughter goes to bed at 7:00. This means we have to eat dinner at 5:00 and she basically has to entertain herself for an hour before bedtime. Granted, it’s not every night but it’s no fun for either of us. Sometimes she’s cool with playing alone, but that’s usually not the case. Most of the time she’s pulling at my mouse or insisting on sitting in my lap- not exactly conducive to doing heroic modes. And while my guildies jokingly tell me to give her some vodka, I don’t plan on becoming one of those parents. It may only be for one hour three nights a week but I still feel bad.

These days I just don’t have that much time for gaming. It has to be done once V is in bed or not at all. I can’t even check my email in the morning without her complaining that I’m on the computer. I got Skyrim for Christmas and I’ve played a grand total of like an hour so far. It doesn’t help that I’m pregnant again and thus extremely sleepy all the time. Nine pm rolls around and I’m ready for bed.

I’d really like to play SWTOR and maybe I will some day. But right now I just can’t commit to another MMO. If it was just a regular game, one that I could pause and walk away from, or put down one day and come back to a month later, I’d be all over it. But not another MMO. There’s just no time.

My life can’t afford it.



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