Best Toys This Year (2011)

Christmas has come and gone and most of V’s gifts have settled into their various niches around the house. A few, however, stand out among all the rest.

Gemmy Dancing Sock Monkey

This was actually a gift to my stepmother in law, but V liked it so much that she regifted it. This monkey plays Dynamite by Taio Cruz and wiggles to the music. V played it about 10 times in the car before falling asleep. Now that we’re home she’ll carry it from room to room and dance to the music.

Fischer-Price Laugh and Learn Kitchen

Anything that plays music is generally a hit with young children. This kitchen talks, but more importantly it plays cute little songs that my daughter loves to play repeatedly. The fake food also gets carried around quite a bit.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Book

This was one of several tiny Sesame Street books in a pack. My daughter already has one Itsy Bitsy book by Kate Toms that elaborates on the story. V also has several videos that play the song. She’s exceedingly familiar with Itsy Bitsy so this book has become a quick favorite. She’ll ask us to read it to her repeatedly and get angry if we pass on reading it for the nth time.


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