Pregnancy Changes

So far things have been rather calm. I think of my last pregnancy as “uneventful” because there was never anything wrong with the baby, my uterus, or the delivery. That said, I did have a myriad of issues:

  1. Kidney infection or stone in the first trimester that sent me to the ER twice and required me to be doped up on Vicodin 24/7 for over a week. I like to think this was my punishment for not having morning sickness.
  2. Microswelling. My feet didn’t swell until after delivery when all the excess bodily fluid was trying to find a place to go. Instead, I had microswelling in my right hand that caused extreme pain if I moved it any which way. I’m right-handed. Have you ever tried wiping your own ass with your opposite hand? Try it next time. Of course we didn’t know it was microswelling then. I saw a specialist and even had regular appointments with a physical therapist. It was the PT who suggested that the issue might be caused by my pregnancy. I prayed that it was because I couldn’t imagine trying to care for a brand new baby without my main hand functioning. How would I hold her? How would I change diapers? Thankfully the problem went away after delivery.
  3. Gestational Diabetes. Pregnancy is often a free license to eat. Not really, but many women use it that way and I in no way begrudge them for it. Diabetes changes all that. I was on insulin too, which sucked. It did force me to eat properly and my child was born a healthy weight.

In the last trimester, due to all my funky health issues I had a whopping 4-6 appointments a week. It all turned out well in the end, but obviously I hope that none of these problems happen again.

I had a brief scare around Thanksgiving when I became nauseated and started puking. I was afraid it was morning sickness and that it was so bad I’d have to quit my brand new job. Luckily it was just a stomach flu I’d caught from my daughter. I didn’t have morning sickness last time around and it’s nice to not have it again.

The thirst for water has returned. Your blood volume increases by about 50% when you’re pregnant. This makes me incredibly thirsty and usually only lukewarm water will do (I can’t chug cold). I need to hit up Costco soon as I’ve decimated our bottled water supply.

I’m tired. It hasn’t been that bad yet and for all I know it’s due to my new job (I work with kids. That will wear anyone out). Unfortunately I won’t be able to nap a lot like last time. V is very insistent that I not have a moment’s rest. As they say, the quickest way to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.

I want food. FOOOOOOOOOD. I’ve been on this awesome new diet called Eat Right & Exercise and I’ve lost a cool 19lbs so far.  The My Fitness Pal app has been wonderful for my own accountability. I planned on sticking with the diet for at least the first trimester. After all, I was usually eating ~1700 calories and it’s not like the fetus takes that many calories in the beginning. Not surprisingly, that plan fell through. I’ve been hungry. This week my stomach turned into a black hole, one that is slowly consuming all my other organs unless I satiate it with cheeseburgers. It’s pretty disgusting. I went from no fast food at all to eating it three times a day. My husband has routinely been picking up Whoppers on the way home from work. Today it seemed to die down a little. I actually felt full most of the day.

I got a call from my doctor’s office today and my glucose reading was one point too high. That may not seem like much, but that’s how my diabetes started last time. I have to take an early glucose tolerance test in January. If it turns out I don’t have it now I’ll have to take the test again at the normal time. Joy!


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