Guess what?

11-21-2011, Monday (Waited to post until I’d seen the doctor.)

Thursday I found out I was pregnant again. My period was only a day late but I just couldn’t wait to check. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve only had one period since V was born. I called A and texted him the picture. He said “I knew it!” Apparently he noticed me glowing on Sunday and acting differently. I’d had cramping a few days prior so I really thought we weren’t pregnant. However, I started getting really thirsty again like I was with V. Sunday I was also in full on nesting mode though I didn’t know it at the time. I’ve had this desire to clean out the library and finally get it in shape to be V’s room. The past week I’ve been doing nothing but that. My last period was Oct 19th, which puts our due date at July 25th.

I was bursting to tell someone, but A wanted to wait until we’d seen a doctor or the first trimester had passed. Then he remembered that he had to tell his boss so they could start handing off projects for July. We decided we might as well tell parents too, but just stick to that. Right now only my mom and A’s dad know. I plan on telling the others at Thanksgiving when I’m down there. It’s so much better in person.

Most of my playgroup knows. Thursday was the day I found out and also the day we had a moms night out. We talked about the usual things- kids, pregnancy, plans for more kids, etc. I gave nothing away but one mom looked at me and asked “So, are you pregnant right now?” I’m a horrible liar and I didn’t want to lie about it so my face said it all. “You are aren’t you? You’re glowing!”

So much for secrecy. I was kinda glad she guessed though, as I was bursting to talk about it. I had planned on telling my friend M either way. I just hope everything is alright once we visit the doctor.

I’m starting a new job next week too, so this should be interesting.


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