Bunny Foo Foo

V has a bunny doll that she loves to drag around by the ears. She got him for her first Easter. I call him Bunny Foo Foo after the children’s song (not a very nice thing to name a rabbit after, but whatever). She’s also got a Clifford doll she likes to drag around (also by the ears, this seems to be a very important part of picking a “lovey”), but Bunny Foo Foo still remains very important. I especially like to have her bring Bunny instead of Clifford if we’re traveling certain places as he’s quite a bit smaller. If she gets tired of holding him he’s much easier to jam into the basket under the stroller.

Today I took V, Bunny and the dogs on a long walk. Eventually ended up at the dog park. Lately the poor dogs haven’t gotten to actually go inside the park. They tend to tag team other dogs and I can’t supervise them and watch V at the same time. The only time they get to go inside is if I don’t have V (very rare these days) or if there are no other dogs at the park. It was midday so thankfully the pen was empty. I parked the stroller outside and let the dogs loose, then came back to grab V.

Her hands were empty.

Bunny Foo Foo was gone. Normally I notice right away when she drops him because the stroller runs over a bump, but this time I hadn’t felt anything. I quickly glanced back the way we came, nothing. Crap. I checked my pedometer- we’d gone 1.51 miles. V had already been well over the walk by the time we’d arrived at the park so I couldn’t very well backtrack the whole thing. It would be much slower with dogs and baby in tow anyway. Crap. I’d have to cut the poor dog’s time short and head out right away. I was afraid Bunny would get moved by someone, or taken, or chewed on by some person’s dog.

My husband was actually working from home today, so I texted him that Bunny was lost. He asked if we could drive around looking for him. I said no, we’d been on the paved trails, not the sidewalk. I’d be bringing V and the dogs home then running out again to backtrack. We started to head back, but I decided to check on the section of trail just behind the dog park. Maybe it was a recent drop.

Ahead I saw a couple coming towards us and I decided to ask them if they’d seen a stuffed rabbit anywhere. As we got closer I saw that the woman was actually holding Bunny. Whew! I jogged up to them and thanked them for retrieving the rabbit. We headed back home and came to a section of trail that we’d passed yesterday. Whenever the trail meets the road there are metal poles blocking vehicle entry. There, neatly placed on top of one of the poles, was V’s beanie.

And I hadn’t even realized that I’d lost it. I carry a beanie in the stroller for emergencies, and I’d decided last night that it was chilly enough to use. However, it’s been so long since she’s worn one that I didn’t notice when we came home without it. I grabbed the beanie, vowed to try to keep a better eye on V during our walks (which is difficult when the sun shade is up), and continued home.


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