High Chairs & Finger Foods

Our first high chair is a large stand-alone type that was on the registry. It’s still in its box. Shortly after V was born my husband started raving about a portable chair that our friends were using, so I asked for the brand (Fisher Price) and went out to get one. The Space Saver is what I found:

I wouldn’t buy it again. The straps are annoying to use and the arms aren’t detachable so it’s rather bulky- making it not so portable. Turns out I bought the wrong one. I was supposed to get the Booster Seat:

Now this model is meant to be portable. The tray detaches and the back flips down. The whole thing converts into a nice rectangular piece that can be carted around easily. One of the best parts, however, is the tray. On a lot of high chairs, including the Space Saver, the tray is far too high for a normal baby who is starting to eat solids. They have to reach up and over to get to the tray. This Booster Seat model sports a tray that is easy for the baby to access.

For a long time the Booster was in my car and the Space Saver was at home. Until recently I’ve been really lazy about feeding. Boobs or spooned baby foods were the norm. Finger foods were more for when we were out and about and I wanted her to entertain herself. I’m sure having the Booster when we were out helped significantly with this.  I’ve decided to be more proactive and started putting V in her high chair while I cook.  I soon found that the Space Saver just wouldn’t cut it with that high tray. It’s now gathering cobwebs in the garage while the Booster sits in the kitchen (and travels back to the car when needed). V is now getting more of the practice she needs.

V is a picky eater. She is still opposed to eating veggies of any sort. Actually, she’s opposed to eating anything that’s not fruit or grain. I’ve given up completely on homemade purees as she just doesn’t like mine. It’s Gerber or nothing. Funnily enough, Gerber was started by a mom who hated making purees at home. Here we are decades later trying to get away from processed foods. Anyway, I was hoping V would eat more veggies if I offered them as finger foods. No such luck. She’ll play with broccoli and ignore carrots/peas/corn when offered.

Most of her finger foods have been grain. I started offering crackers as soon as she could hold them, but crackers don’t exactly make a meal so I’ve been looking for new things to offer. I had a bunch of bananas rotting away on my kitchen counter so I decided to make banana bread. That was a big hit. I should probably try baking veggies into bread or something.

Mmmmm banana bread.

At Costco I found a bag of mixed dried fruits. This was sun dried, not freeze dried. I figured they’d make for tasty teething rings if nothing else. She has three teeth now but they’re still just stubs so she can’t eat the more solid fruits like peach or nectarine. She enjoys sucking on the apple rings and scaring me by occasionally stuffing the entire thing in her mouth. The pear slices were meh. The prunes were still fairly mushy in the middle so those have made good finger foods. A few days ago she managed to rip a prune in half and then consumed each half in turn. How she managed to swallow those huge chunks without choking is beyond me, but she did. Yesterday I paid for offering her prunes. She spent all afternoon pooping wet poops that gave her a nice diaper rash.

Gerber has a lot of nice finger foods that V will eat. Unfortunately, baby foods are exorbitantly priced. If they were marketed for adults they’d be in much larger boxes and priced within reason. I made a pass at the cereal in an attempt to find more than just Cheerios to offer. I settled on Kix, which she hasn’t liked so far.

I’m trying to eat healthier myself so that we can share meals somewhat. I’ve tried offering her a bite of my sandwich with ok results. She tries to bite it but just doesn’t have the chomping power yet. One night I offered her a bite of my tasty spinach and mozzarella ravioli and she started bawling. I offered it again, this time on her tray so that she could pick it up herself, and she chewed on it with no qualms. Apparently it only tastes terrible if I’m the one putting it in her mouth. This seems to be the case for many foods.


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