PUGs, Horrible PUGs

I normally avoid PUGs. There’s just no good reason to put yourself through that kind of torture if you have guildies willing to run with you. My husband does PUGs all the time for some reason, and ends up spending the whole time yelling things like “Oh come ON!” and bitching about how yet another feral tank stole his healing gear. I usually don’t get that upset over what happens in PUGs. In fact, my guildies and I have a good time laughing about some of the ridiculous things we see when we have puggers along.

Things like this.

However, Blizzard recently introduced a new rewards system in an attempt to entice tanks and healers to PUG more. If tanks are in short supply and you decide to queue up by yourself, you’ll get a bonus reward for completing that PUG dungeon. It’s a bag with random crap in in mostly, but it has the chance to drop some nice pets and mounts. I’ve been running a bunch of PUGs on my druid lately, both to get the bag and to get used to tanking again. For the most part I’ve gotten pretty ok PUGs, even making 3/4 timers in ZA. Last night I decided that my 4th string alt, my shaman, needed some love so I decided to queue.

Now my shaman is nothing special. She’s my fourth level 85 so she’s got crafted chest and belt from my leatherworker as well as a pair of mail boots courtesy of my main’s infinite supply of Valor. I’ve managed to pick up a few upgrades from heroics, like the ZG staff, but I’m still rocking some real shit like a green trinket. Sadly, it seems I get more enhancement upgrades than I do elemental.

So I get into a PUG and right off the bat something is off. We started at ZA on the eagle boss and the timer was already expired. Okay, whatever. The group contains a warrior tank (also newly joined) and three guildies (holy priest, mage, ret pally). We manage to kill the eagle boss, though sloppily as people don’t group up for the storm and dps is slow. We head over to bear, and I let the tank know I’ll be trying to CC the medicine man.

Wow, ok, whatever. I guess this tank likes being stunned and letting trash heal but ok. We pull and it takes forever to kill the trash because no one but me is nuking the protection/healing totems, but we lived. Then the Charmbinder Grips drop. Everyone greed rolls except for the mage, who need rolled because he actually planned on wearing them. Imagine that. So the tank does this:

Then he stands around for a good two minutes not pulling. I imagine he was arguing with the mage in tells to try to get the gloves, and unsuccessfully so. Finally he pulls the next pack, the two mounted trolls, and promptly leaves the group so that we all die.

So we get a new warrior tank in the group and down bear and move on to dragonhawk trash. The warrior charges in before we have a chance to CC and we wipe when the flamecaster nukes the shit out of us. Now flamecasters have a really nasty/cool buff they put on themselves. It allows them to move extremely fast and cast instantly. It’s a nasty buff and must be removed. Mages can spell steal it and absolutely love it because it gives them the same boosts. Who wouldn’t want to chain cast instant fireballs? However, the mage in our group hadn’t stolen the buff. I can purge it off, but I don’t want to do that if he can get a damage bonus out of it. Some people aren’t aware that it can be stolen, so I whisper the mage to let him know.

Okay I guess I’m purging then.

We continue much as before, though now I’m purging. The warrior is still pulling before CC is done, so we keep getting half wipes. At one point it was me, the mage and the healer up killing a single guardian. I threw down a slowing totem and the mage kited it while I nuked. On the last pack before the boss the warrior did it again. We managed to get one CC off, or two, but they ended up getting broken and we wiped. Finally we made it to the boss, but the mage died early and we wiped so the warrior left the group.

In comes a druid tank. We all run back, except for the mage, who appears to try to get up the platform the back way (it’s broken stairs, so you can’t) and gets lost coming back. The druid asks if we’re ready to pull. I tell him no, the mage is lost so we’re still waiting on him. The mage doesn’t like me saying that he’s lost.

Nope, totally not lost.

Finally the mage gets back. I ask for buffs, because nobody aside from the druid has buffed. The priest and pally buff, but the mage does not (out of spite I assume, even though he’s not buffing his healer guildie either). He also didn’t cast his mage shield or focus magic. Anyway we pull and the mage dies right at the beginning. The druid does an ok job, but a lot of dragonhawks aggro on me and I end up going oom really fast without the mage to help me AE. The boss dies though. Then the pally links the meters and tells me I need to step up my game while the mage makes jeering remarks about how I need to learn to play my class before talking to him. I looked at my own meters and I think I was second, but I was oom most of the fight. I have no idea what he was linking exactly, as it showed the mage being higher than me, which was incorrect (he was below the tank since he died). I say “Really?”

We do Halazzi and the mage dies again. Halazzi drops healing totems which you can stand in to get healed AND get mana regen. I never dropped below 98% mana on that fight. The mage, however, seemed oblivious to this as he stood off on his own and died somehow. I don’t even know how. You’d think the healer in his guild would tell him to move into the totem, but I guess not. I certainly wasn’t going to after how he reacted to my spell steal comment.

The druid and I leave Halazzi and go to the next pull. We’re waiting at the next pull when all three guildies die back by Halazzi, probably from pulling random trash. The druid goes to mass rez them while I take the time to look up the mage and his guild. He’s got a decent ilvl, but he’s cleared no more than a few starter raid bosses. Their guild is level 2.

We kill Malacrass, which I think the mage actually lived through, then headed to Daakara. We got bear and eagle. First the mage died then the healer. Luckily, eagle form is a cakewalk as long as you move out of the tornadoes. It’s nothing like how annoying it used to be. So I spot heal the other two and we nuke the eagle and we win. I rez the healer. Then the pally links meters again and says I need to learn to play. His meters somehow have me at the bottom. I really have no idea what the hell he is linking, because it’s not even possible with all the mage’s deaths. The mage makes his remarks again too, and the tank basically calls him an idiot and then leaves.

This is for the entire run.

This is for Daakara.

Needless to say, I was pretty damn irked by that run. First it was that horribly rude warrior, then the mage. I can deal with people being ignorant or even idiotic but rude is something else.

Later that evening I decided to tank another PUG and got something better. They all died on Venoxis, their dps was low and the DK seemed to die every fight. But they were nice people. A couple of them had kids who were already in bed. Another had a two year old keep trying to climb up her leg. I told her V was 8 months old and she told me I was in the “easy phase.” It took a long time to clear the place but we did it, and had fun doing so. Thankfully, not all puggers are horrible people.


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