Tanking with a Baby

I prefer playing ranged dps. It allows me to see everything easier and move out of stuff faster. Somehow in BC I managed to fall into the roll of tank. I had finally managed to level my druid as feral and was enjoying cat form quite a bit. However, when it came time to pug dungeons I found that everyone expected me to tank, even if I specifically said I didn’t do bear. Naturally it didn’t end well. I had no idea how to spec or what to do, and feedback in a pug generally consists of insults. It didn’t help that my guild at the time was full of horribly bad players. So I continued to suck and get yelled at when warlocks pulled off me with a single application of Agony.

I honestly don’t remember how I got better. Elitist Jerks? Feedback from my husband? Getting into a better guild? I started raiding on horde side more and met better players there. A warrior friend gave me a nice mouseover macro for Lacerate. The point is, I got better, could finally hold aggro and take a punch. I enjoyed being a bear, and before I knew it that’s all I wanted to do on my druid.

Through Wrath, my main was still my warlock but I always kept my druid well-geared for tanking alt runs and such. Cata hit shortly after the baby, and unfortunately, it’s heavily influenced my ability to tank. Dpsing with a kid in my lap is hard enough, but tanking is that much, much more difficult. I can afk on trash as a dps; I can’t do that as a tank. I can also take a few seconds to readjust, or comfort the kid via boob, or move a straying little hand away from the keyboard mid-fight as a dps. If I do that as a tank someone might die. God, someone might PULL trash in a five man if I’m afk for half a second as a tank. So yah, the druid has had no love for months.

Recently, I was able to actually tank a run sans baby. My druid was a lot squishier than I thought she’d be and I didn’t have the new tank rotation down at all. People were pulling off me like crazy, and this was in a guild run. I got a lot of flack for my tanking and my gear, but I resolved to try to fix the issue. I checked my gear and got appropriately embarrassed about its state. I made sure all my sockets had gems (as a JC this was kinda inexcusable) and everything was enchanted. I created some purples on my leatherworker. Now all I needed was some practice.

V is teething right now, which means she wants to be held constantly, but it also means she’s sleeping a lot more. I’ve been able to successfully pug several runs during her midday naps, and I’ve even managed to do some troll runs in guild. Hell, we saved 3/4 guys in ZA the other night with me tanking! As long as V is compliant, and can now tank again. 🙂


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