RIP Actifed

I’ve never been one to get sick. Usually it was once a year, if that, and always some form of nasal congestion. Usually I held off on medications because they seemed to make things worse. Decongestants would dry out my nose for an hour (so dry it was itchy and uncomfortable) then suddenly my nose would be dripping for three hours. Relief finally came when my mother introduced me to Actifed. Glorious, lovely Actifed.

Unfortunately, the active ingredient in Actifed is also used in meth labs. The government decided to step in and suddenly you had to go to the pharmacist and show ID if you wanted any. My mom uses the medication for allergy relief and she feels like a criminal because she has to buy so much of it. Eventually Actifed decided to change their formula so it no longer had to be behind the counter, but the new stuff didn’t work as well and now you never see Actifed. If you want the good stuff, you’ll still have to see the pharmacist and ask for Aprodine or something with pseudoephedrine HCl. Last time I was sick I bought an extra pack that I ended up gifting to my mom once I recovered. Now I almost wish I hadn’t.

Here I am, sick again. V had a cold that she decided to pass to me. I checked my stash of Aprodine and found my husband had left me with two pills. I asked him to pick up more on the way home from work, along with some OJ. However, the pharmacy was closed so all he could get me was the crap they sell on the floor.

Dressed in my awesome sick cloths (shirt, hoodie, sweat pants and flip flops) I headed to Safeway. They didn’t have any Aprodine and even told me that they stopped making it. Not good. Now I didn’t remember the new stuff was called Aprodine, so maybe that’s not true. The guy took me out on the floor and showed me the same stuff my husband had bought and said the formula had been changed. I decided to try CVS. They didn’t even know what I was talking about, even though I said it was the decongestant you needed to show ID for. The woman thought I wanted a nasal spray. I can get Aprodine on Amazon but it doesn’t qualify for Prime (even if it did, I need it now not two days hence).

So I’m suffering through the over the counter stuff. Surprise surprise, I took and actually feel more congested than before. Awesome.


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