Eight Months

Dear V,

It’s amazing that you’re already eight months old.

May 3rd you started getting your first tooth and two days later the second one started erupting as well. It’s been really difficult trying to get pictures of them. So far you haven’t been excessively fussy or drooly. I hear the upper incisors are much worse.

You can sit up like a pro now and even slowly move around in a circle on your butt. Last week you started rolling across the livingroom. You can also get up on your hands and knees, but you can’t go anywhere yet. I both dread and look forward to you being able to crawl.

Daddy taught you how to clap last night and you thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Mother’s Day and I took the time to look back at all your baby photos. It’s incredible how much you’ve changed. Newborns are so ugly compared to their older counterparts. You are much, much cuter now.

“Mama” or “Mamamama” seems to be a staple in your vocabulary now. It really does sound like you’re calling me. The consonants just appeared one day. Suddenly you went from cooing to “lalala dadada gagaga mamama bababa.” We should probably be more diligent with signing. I haven’t kept up with it at all, usually because it’s very hard to sign when one ore both of my hands are filled with baby and/or baby related things.

Feeding continues to be an adventure. You love crackers and any Gerbers product containing fruit and cereal. Just like Daddy, you refuse to eat any vegetables. I even tried mixes with past or cheese but you refused to eat them. You don’t seem interested in meat either yet.

I love dressing you in spring outfits, mainly because I can actually find cute clothes that are not pink. Yellow looks great on you with your light complexion and blond hair. I only wish the weather weren’t so breezy around here. It’ll be great once the summer heats up but right now it’s just chilly.

You seem much more interested in books now. That is, you seem more interested in what’s on the pages and not as interested in chewing on the books themselves. We may have to start going to the library. You love the touch and feel books or those with peek-a-boo flaps and we only have so many of those.

Thank you for being such a wonderful baby girl and for giving me such amazing new experiences as a mother. I love you so much.

❤ Mommy


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