Dull Wow Times

As I’ve mentioned, I’m playing a lot less Wow these days. I have three level 85s: a warlock, a druid and a hunter. The warlock is my main. The druid I kinda had to stop playing as she was my tank, and tanking with a baby in arms is damn near impossible. The hunter I leveled for fun, and to get an idea of what my stepmother was in for. The hunter is about as equipped as she can be without hitting raids, and unfortunately I can’t seem to get an alt raid going. Last week I had a whopping three people show up.

Do I plan on quitting? No, but I have no desire to show up outside of raid times. This is kinda bad as I am the GM. It seems I’m not the only one either. My husbands raids haven’t been going. His GM never logs on any more, even to raid. The players in his guild often bolt when they see raid time coming up, saying they have other things to do.

My own raids have been doing okay, aside from Sunday which has been struggling lately. My main tank and his healer buddy have both been flaky lately. I’m also dealing with a lootwhore-ish player who’s been complaining that we’re not doing heroics yet (we’re still working on Nef). Last night my MT informed me on the forums that he is “taking a break.” I thought he was going over to Rift (one of my other officers informed me he was playing this) but he says he just wants to focus more on real life. If that’s true then kudos to him. He’s the stereotypical gamer nerd who only leaves the house for work and hardly socializes in real life. He was a great MT for just this reason. He may have been whiny as all hell, but he always showed up.

This puts me in a tough spot. Good tanks aren’t exactly a dime a dozen, particularly on short notice. I have a raid Sunday. A Nef raid. Time to start recruiting and FAST. One of my other officers is currently on break for school but had been talking about returning soon. I sent him a PM asking if he’d like to tank full time on his pally. Our off tank is a pally, but I have to work with what I’ve got.

After hearing about my MT it made me feel even worse about not logging on more frequently. So last night I logged on after V was in bed. Lo and behold we were about 1000 XP away from level 20. There were only two of us online (me and a nonraider), so we did a ton of dailies repeatedly on our alts (and friend’s alts) until we finally dinged. It felt good. Then my guildmate informed me, “Just because we don’t raid doesn’t mean we don’t care about the guild.” That made me feel even better.


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