The last two nights have been rough. V has napped in my lap in the evenings from about 7-10pm. Her bedtime is 10:30-11pm so this poses a problem. She’s gone to bed wide awake and protested thoroughly because of it. There’s still also the issue of her waking up repeatedly in the middle of the night and it’s not for nursing; she just wants to be held. If I pick her up she immediately passes out in my arms, but if I gently lay her back in her crib her eyes shoot open and she starts complaining. I hear yah kid. This happens a lot, usually from 1am to 3am and sometimes 4am. I’ll get her back to sleep but she’s awake again in 30 minutes.

Crib sleeping arrangements have always stuck me as very unnatural. I understand the safety part, especially for very young babies who have no real head control, but what other animal that cares for its young as we do abandons them to sleep alone at night? I can’t think of any. I’m not even sure it’s a human thing. I’m pretty sure other cultures, particularly those in impoverished or cold countries, don’t banish their babies to another room. Every time my daughter complains about our sleeping arrangement it bothers me, but I also feel she’s perfectly justified in being upset. She sleeps better when she’s physically near me and quite frankly I sleep better with her close too.

One of the reasons I think she wakes up so frequently is that she knows that eventually I’ll bring her to bed with me. My cutoff is 5am. After that if she wakes she comes to sleep in our bed and we both sleep soundly. My arm falls asleep from the crushing weight of her head, which gets all sweaty and funky from the close contact, but neither of us really mind. Perhaps she thinks that if she complains earlier I’ll just bring her to bed with us sooner.

I haven’t really discussed this much with my husband. When she slept beside us in the bassinet he would constantly ask when she was going to move to the crib. Now that she’s in the crib he keeps asking me how long she’s going to sleep the early mornings with us. I can understand the desire for some sort of parental privacy, but I think it’s also an issue of wanting to be “normal.” Most of the parents I’ve spoken to do some amount of cosleeping however.

I’m not sure how to resolve the issue. So far I’ve just been staying the course and putting up with the frequent nightly interruptions to my sleep.


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