Food Times Part 3

I was making the rounds at Costco when I saw it. Or rather, I saw the price: $2.97. Three dollars for that much baby food? It was enough to give me pause and question whether to continue making food at home. In the end I decided to buy it just because it was so incredibly cheap and it would allow me to have something a bit more portable besides bananas. I’ve hauled some other homemade foods around but I worry about freshness and bacterial growth. Damn you convenience!

I just restocked my freezer with homemade stuff this weekend and even added a couple of new items yesterday (carrots and green beans). We had a playgroup meeting on Monday and all the other babies seem so far ahead even if they are older by a few months. Most of them are already into finger foods. One mom had even prepared her daughter’s lunch for the outing; it consisted of ground turkey, cheese, bagels and raspberries all chopped very fine. I returned home and vowed to try even harder to get V to try more foods.

V focusing very hard on NOT eating.

V has become a very good eater- when she wants to eat. She has also become far more adept at expelling foods she disliked. She’s put her adorable tongue sticking maneuver to good use in this regard. She’ll also clamp her mouth shut and look off to the side. I’m pretty stubborn myself, so I often hover the spoon near her flat lips and wait for an opening. Sometimes she’ll give in when she realizes that the food I’m offering really isn’t that bad. But it’s really frustrating when she rejects something that was previously considered decent. I blame the bananas, which are still a favorite.

On a related note, I’ve decided to get a new portable high chair. The outing we had yesterday was at a pizza joint and although they had numerous high chairs, NONE of the straps worked on any of them. V doesn’t even fit very comfortably in a wooden high chair yet, so unless they have the more expensive molded plastic ones we’re stuck with holding her in our laps. Or rather, I’m stuck holding her in my lap until my husband is done eating. Our current high chair is technically portable, but the arms are huge and not detachable. It’s also fairly bulky. I was supposed to get this one but the description I was given at the time lead me to purchase the larger variety. It works fine at home but I’ve placed my order for the smaller, collapsible chair.


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