More Food Times

V and I recently took a trip to southern California to see family. Traveling makes feeding more difficult, especially when you’re relying on breasts or homemade baby food. It’s a good thing V likes bananas. She can’t eat much in the way of table foods yet so bananas have been wonderful. I’ve started carrying around a spoon and half a banana in my purse. She ate an ungodly amount of banana on our trip. I’ve been using food as a way to keep her from getting bored while the rest of us eat. Hanging out with the family in a high chair while we eat dinner? Banana. Eating at a restaurant with friends? Banana.

Banana banana banana.

V is able to sit up now, though she’s still a bit wobbly. We can now use a restaurant high chair with limited success. Usually there is far too much room at the back and we end up stuffing a sweater behind her. Unfortunately, sometimes this pushes her too far forward so that the only thing keeping her from falling out the front is the strap between her legs. Our home high chair is portable, but after seeing other models I realize the model I bought is far too large to be that portable. One of my friends has a chair that neatly folds up into a tiny little square. Mine does not fold and it retains huge arms that cannot be removed. It’s great for home use, just not much else.

V chilling in a generic restaurant high chair.

I’ve become less shy about breastfeeding in public, which helped a lot on this trip. I found some blankets that are very lightweight and large in her dresser. For some reason I had avoided using them, probably because they seemed too lightweight. Instead they make it easier to breastfeed inconspicuously. Normally when my husband and I drive down he parks in some remote place of the parking lot so that I can have some privacy. This trip was just me and V, so I opted to park right up next to the facilities for accessibility. I also managed to make my mother in law extremely uncomfortable when I opted to feed on a chair in the mall rather than go back to the car.

As we’ve been traveling, I haven’t had that many opportunities to introduce new foods. I’d like to introduce some table foods; friends with only slightly older babies are already using Cheerios and such. So far I’ve been unsuccessful. While dining with a friend at a Mexican restaurant, I decided to give V a bit of Spanish rice. It certainly seemed soft enough. The rice proved to be too dry and she starting coughing, then promptly spit up a good deal of food. Last night I gave her some of my tilapia, which was both soft and moist. She didn’t like it and refused to swallow, keeping the fish in the middle of her tongue instead and gradually working it back to the front where she could spit it out. I’m attempting to eat more healthy foods at home so that eventually she can share my plate, but for now it looks like I’ll be sticking to bananas.


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