Food Times

I think I’m finally figuring out V’s reactions when it comes to food. If she dislikes something she’ll scrunch up her face and spit it out, like she did the first time I tried bananas and avocado. If she really enjoys a food she’ll grab on to the spoon and keep it in her mouth while she sucks on it. She’ll also grab the bib and suck on that, or on her fingers. She does this with oatmeal. When she’s had enough she’ll arch her back and try to move away while keeping her mouth clamped.

Today I met a new face: indifference. Either she just wasn’t hungry enough to care or she didn’t like what I was serving. I started out with sweet potatoes, which she first had yesterday and ate fairly well. V just kept looking off to the side, out the window. She’d eat food if I managed to get it in her mouth, but made no efforts to assist in the process. Next I tried butternut squash; the results were the same. I gave up, started putting things away and removed her bib. She just didn’t seem to be in the mood.

At the last minute I changed my mind and decided to give bananas a go. V has become far more accepting of bananas lately. I love them because they are very nutritious and the easiest baby food to make, ever. So I mashed up about an inch of banana and started feeding. The head was still turned off to the side, but unlike with the last two foods, she sucked the banana off the spoon when it was offered. Success! She ate all the banana I made and even started grabbing the spoon again. It seems that banana is now one more food I can truly add to the “accepted” list.


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  1. What a beautiful baby! Lil’ J scrunches up her face when she doesn’t like something, and she spits it out too, haha. Now she grabd MY food and just eats what she wants! haha. I can’t believe it but she really likes feeding herself. The bad thing is I’m usually not eating healthy things and my homemade purees are better for her. Gonna work on that! haha

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